An echo

by About leaving

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released April 16, 2016

Jordi Erra - Batería
Martí Ferrer - Guitarra y voces
Gabri Molist - Guitarra
Joan Pérez - Bajo y voces
Jaime Pizarro - Guitarra y voz

Coros en Patient by the water y Weary monuments: Claudi Dosta Grabación y mezcla: Victor Teller en Wave Factory Studio
Masterización: Victor García en Ultramarinos Mastering
Fotografías: Ingrid Ferrer
Grafismo: Anna Vila Homs

“An Echo” fue grabado durante el verano de 2015.




About leaving Barcelona, Spain

We rise and we decay.

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Track Name: Withered flowers
Well, we fight our fears in such odd ways.

As withered flowers, our lives rot against the hours.
We're nothing but time: we rise and we decay.
Empty prairies filled with the sounds of the prayers
of those who soon will be ashes in the air.
Track Name: Our lesson
For every lesson that we learn,
for every step ahead we take.
I've never been so proud.
Track Name: Backwards
Looking back to all the things you've left behind.
Looking backwards to your life.

We all do have regrets,
but who knows what the future awaits?
Track Name: Unfolded
As the seasons keep unfolding
our high hopes seem to vanish.
As the years keep up their rhythm
our high hopes seem so naive...
Is not that I can't dream big,
I'm just keen to settle in.

An idle life,
that's what I would wanna live.
Just getting by without much hindrance.

An idle life,
that would do the trick for me.
Just getting by without much hindrance,
and see the hours go by.

An idle life,
free from the pressure to be
that “someone” big who makes a difference.

And if by any chance
those old dreams came to me,
well, in that case, they'll come to me because so it's written.
So I'll just see the hours go by.
Track Name: Trembling white lines
Trembling white lines
beneath the blinking lights.
Somehow this old car
finds its way through the night.

Trembling white lines,
a warm, hypnotic, sight.
It keeps getting darker
along these endless miles.

Such a long road
may seem so tough,
yet it feels near enough.
Such a tough road
may seem so long...

But it doesn't feel that far away.
It doesn't feel that bad.

Short beeping tones,
the voicemail of a phone.
A lonesome gas station
to take a turn back home.

I should have known.
It wasn't written in stone
yet it felt real enough.
I should have known.
It wasn't written in stone...

But it didn't feel that far away.
It didn't feel that bad.

White and trembling lines,
things you can't outrun.

I should have known,
it wasn't written in stone.
Such a tough road
leading me home.
Track Name: Patient by the water
Be patient by the water,
look what the stream has brought to us.
Be patient by the water,
it will pay off if we stay calm.
Even in this constant flow,
even if sometimes we grow
tired of waiting by the shore.

Even if sometimes
even the small twists of the plot
can spoil our attempts
to keep things under control.
Track Name: Where the land melts down
Let me take you,
there's nothing for us here.
Let me take you
where we both can dissapear.

Where the land melts down.
Track Name: The storm
The wind blows through the fields,
the forest, its trees...
The wind's dance is awakening the leaves.

The sky was wide open,
and light could get through.
But now all those clouds hide its blue.

A storm shakes the waters,
with thunder and rain.
A storm shakes the waves from within.

By now, the sea has swallowed me,
but soon enough has spit me out.
So I'm drifting away. I'm drifting.
Track Name: An oath
Do you remember our oath?
We used to whisper some words
about spending our lives together.
But the truth is you can't just choose
who to belong forever.
Is not easy now,
that there's no love left.
There is nothing at all.

I guess words are nothing but air.

Why are you keeping yourself away from this?
All those nights out, forgetting me.

Another oath lost and I... I'm fading.
Track Name: Weary monuments
See the sun coming out,
bringing all kinds of doubts.
Day breaks, a silent shout.
What is this all about?
What is this really about?

Are you running away?

Hiding in plain sight,
you're hiding in plain sight.
You're running in circles
with people you don't even know.

Hiding in plain sight,
where no one can find you.
Where everyone sees you,
but, still, they don't know you at all.

Hiding in plain sight,
you're hiding in plain sight.
You're wasting your hours
like a monument left in the sun.

Like a weary monument
waiting for eternal rest.
Track Name: Of those things (That I say and I shouldn't say)
Well, there's a window
from where you can see it all.
And there's an open door
from where you can just run
to hide from everything and, finally,
find that place you've always wanted to be alone.
And I can only hope that someday
you will miss me and, then,
you will turn back home.

And there's an echo
still running in my ears.
Feels like a distant
waterfall of joyfull tears
that you've been spilling since my fear
took your body and your mind away from here.
And I can only hope that someday
you will miss me and, then,
I will have you near.

Of those things that I say and I shouldn't say.

Now there's just darkness
although I open my eyes.
This room's so empty
when I wake up in the night
trying to reach you with my bare hands,
realising once again that you are gone.
And I can only hope that someday
you will miss me and, then,
you will turn back home.